Monday, February 9, 2009

stairway to heaven

This is the longest unsupported escalator I've ever seen. It has NOTHING underneath it as it rises maybe 5 stories in the center of an all glass shopping mall. Where does it go? To the theater complex on the top of course.

I do go to Museums you know

Asia has some great, modern museums in locations you wouldn't expect. This is outside the local museum in Taichung. Very nice.

crowdy everwhere

Did I mention Asia is very crowded, and very fun? At night Mom and Dad, the kids, the teenagers, and grandma and grandpa all go out to eat and party. No matter who you are you don't feel left out, even a blondish white guy.

This is the STREET, it gets even more crowded in the pedestrian only areas. And best of all, not a McDonald's in sight.

feeling blue?

This guy just spray painted his entire bike blue, including part of the chain. Makes finding it very easy, and you know if someone rides off in it. Streets in Taichung, Taiwan.

when crowds are good

Subways in Asia amaze me. At peak hour in Hong Kong subway trains leave every 2 minutes, completely full. Wall to wall people, faces pushed up against the windows, probably more people being transported per minute than LA's freeway system, all handled in perfect efficiency.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

well I cheated

This photo was taking many years ago in Hong Kong, but I still like it (I'm trying to only post newer postors, this isn't a best of.) It's near Time Square, on the island, looking up at the buildings. I spun around and took maybe 6 shots, then stitched them together to create this shots. It was a lot of work because I couldn't hold by position very well while spinning, but I think the results are worth it. Stay posted for a modern version of a similar shot in downtown Central.

Yes, that's the sun dead center. How did I do that? Even I don't know.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

all the fruit you can eat

Fruit, fruit, everywhere, all different types, know, unknown, all good, usually cut, peeled and packaged for you for almost nothing. For a good time, go to a local market, buy a sharp knife for a dollar, several pounds of assorted fruits, and bring it all back to your hotel room for a food orgy. Throw in a handful of insects for protein, and you've got the start of an excellent dinner.